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  45th Boston/New England Regional Emmy Award

Best Performance: Not On This Night, Jacqueline Brulet

Stage Wright Films

June 4th, 2022


"Utterly captivating...exemplary"

"too profound to be merely entertaining"

-Kristen Morale, Broadway World Review,

      September 29th, 2021,  chamber Music




-Kristen Morale, Broadway World Review, Nov. 24th, 2019, Cocaine

        “You have to remind yourself to breathe…an indication of real theatre, in my mind…what ensues cannot be witnessed with anything less than pure fascination."

-Kristen Morale, Broadway World Review, Aug. 19th, 2017, Proof


"Judith Feingold’s portrayal of Catherine is a tribute to the depth she brings to the emotional arcs, the fears, the insecurities, the yearning for love and happiness and her love-hate-relationship with her eccentric father. "

 -‘From my Seat in the House’   by Mari Lyn Henry

            July 30th, 2017, Proof

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